Frequently asked Questions

General Live Room problems without clear cause? Try this.

Ask attendees to always use Google Chrome as a browser when making use of Kaltura, and ask them to check their specifications via

What works best is to choose "Launch Live Room" from the platform (Blackboard, Brightspace or Video portal) where you created it.

In addition, you can consult the trouble-shooting website from the Leiden University Library's troubleshooting page

Or check the current status of Kaltura Live Room at

System is slow / with error code

The system has experienced heavy load and has had some lag and errors in the last week. However, improvements have been made and many of these issues are resolved. For current status on maintainance/bugs, check this page:
If your problem persists, create a ticket in the HelpDesk portal.

How do you use a breakout during Live Rooms?

Here is a useful guide from the supplier:

How do I get access to Kaltura Live Room?

All staff in the following functional categories automatically have access to Kaltura Live Room:

  • Professor
  • Senior Lecturer / Assistant Professor
  • Lecturer
  • Instructor
  • Researcher
  • Other Academic Staff
  • PhD candidate

It may be that you do not fall within one of these categories. Please see here for more information.

How do I change my profile picture in MS Teams/Outlook?

Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business all get their information from the main Outlook database, so that's why you cant edit anything within those tools itself. You can edit your profile picture in the following way:

Go to
Click on the cogwheel in the top right corner and select Options.
Click on General on the left hand side to roll down a drop-down menu
Click on 'My account'
Select your profile picture (empty) and you will be able to upload one yourself.

It takes a little while until Teams and Skype also process your profile picture, but it should all sync eventually.

How are students with a disability supported in Remote Learning?

Students with a disability can contact Plexus for support in Remote Learning. Please see here for more information.

I followed all the instructions but the button "Enable Newrow Live Room" does not show up.

At the moment you probably cannot see "Enable Newrow Live Room" because you don't have the rights to create a new live room. These rights are not automatically for all staff. All teachers have this right automatically added, another can request access via the ISSC.

  1. Have signed in at least once to:
  2. Request an account at the ISSC Helpdesk Portal

If you are assiting a teacher with a course, you don't need the rights to create a new live room. You might need the right tomute/un-mute attendees, look over the chat and Q&A, or host your own section during a lecture.
The teacher can give you access to the Live Room by following these steps:

In Blackboard and/or Brightspace:
Add a user and set the role of that user to any of the following roles for that user to become a moderator in your Live Room:

  • Marker/Grader
  • Teaching Assistant/Assistant Instructor
  • Instructor
  • Course Builder

For channels created on
Add a new user to the channel with one of the following roles (steps on how to add or edit a user can be found in the manual):

  • Moderator
  • Manager

Be aware that with the above roles also come rights and responsibilities. A Manager role for instance can edit the channel and a course builder, and instructor for example can edit your courses, so be sure to make clear agreements on what you will do and what you won't do

I can not find my students and add them to the live room. Where are they?

You can only find students who have logged in once. So the students who you can't find have never logged into

 Once they have logged in, you can find them. You can also decide to share the link to the Live Room instead of inviting them, the students can join themselves.

I get a #23000 error, or an OAuth error, or a LTI Error Occurred when trying to launch a LiveRoom from one of my channels

Sometimes LiveRooms are not properly linked to channels. We are currently working on that issue. For now it is best to try making a new channel with the proper settings and enable Live Rooms. This usually resolves the issue. You can then delete the old channel.

I get a LTI Error

When you get the error as shown below chances are you have a special character in your channel title. Please make sure that you remove any special characters! This includes the use of the ampersand (&) sign.

Is there any recommendation for a tool to conduct a poll during a live room session? E.g. to make sure the audience understands what has been explained so far.

Is there any recommendation for a tool to conduct a poll during a live room session? E.g. to make sure the audience understands what has been explained so far.

Is it possible to use a Live Room multiple times / or to use many at the same time?

Each room is unique, for that reason you need to create seperate rooms for seperate groups. Your collgue can launch a room at the same time, but that will then be a different room. All rooms can have up to a maximum of 100 people.

On using the same live room for different groups at different times. That is possible! For example we are now arranging the webinars for teachers ( here we use the same live room each time (but note, as noted above it cannot be used at the same time, as they are unique!).

Can I start parallel session with seminar groups?

Yes. To do this you cannot use Blackboard or Brightspace to set up the LiveRoom as this will only work for one session at a time. You should set up the different rooms through Check out this manual for details on how to do this. Afterwards you can put up the separate links to parallel session on Blackboard or Brightspace.

Can I add external people to the Kalura Live Room.

It is possible to invite externals to your live room. You can di this by sending them the "direct invite link". In the live room you can find it under "invite".
It also gives you the possibility to protect it with a password. This is something which should be done as it allows you to control who can access your live room.

Can I use MS Teams for teaching?

You can use Microsoft Teams for teaching. MS Teams is best suited for small and interactive groups. In addition, you can use Microsoft Teams for one-on-one conversations with individual students and collaboration with small groups, as well as for oral exams with an individual student.

Microsoft Teams can be used for working online from home, having meetings, calls and collaborating remotely with colleagues. Please, see here for more information: https://www.staff.universiteit...

Students with bad internet connection cannot follow Live rooms properly.

1. Let them turn off webcams which helps with bandwidth 2. Hotspotting through a phone is sometimes better than wifi  3. You can record your live rooms and share on Blackboard/Brightspace afterwards. 

You can only create 1 Live Room out of Brightspace or Blackboard. Best way to create multiple rooms is use Kultura Video Portal.

What can be going on if none of the participants in Live Room see or hear anything?

This problem may be caused by teachers not putting themselves on 'Live'. If the LiveRoom is set as a Webinar, then everyone who comes in is automatically not live, including teachers. They will then see a greenscreen and audio and video will not work even after it is activated. In the Participants panel, they have to click on the 'Live' button to turn everything on.

What are the functional requirements for Kalture Live Room?

The minimum hardware requirements are

  • Computer with Windows 7 or higher (10 recommended).
  • Browser (up to date): Chrome, FireFox, Edge.

More information about requirements and devices.

What are the functional requirements for Kalture Capture?

Be aware: Kaltura Capture does not work for Linux. Otherwise, Kaltura Capture minimum system requirements are Windows 7 to 10, 32-bit and above, or Mac 10.10 to 10.13., and requires a minimum of 4 GB of RAM.

What other tools can I use?

Tools that are not included in this overview, are not supported by Leiden University. Use of other tools is at your own risk.

Which browsers are supported for Kaltura Live Room?

Kaltura Live Room works in Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers do not deliver sufficient quality (or don't work at all).  

What kind of software/hardware do I need for Remote Teaching?

You may need the following: A PC, laptop or tablet Webcam/camera Microphone To use Kaltura Capture, you need to install software. Please see here for extra information. 

YouTube within Kaltura does not work. What is wrong?

We are indeed aware of this problem with YouTube video playback. We have two work-arounds available for this. For example, you can share the link in the chat, so people can watch it for themselves (with their microphone on mute, so the sound doesn't ring) or share your own screen and play the video there. With the latter option there is a possibility that the sound doesn't go with it, so it's handy to turn on the subtitles just to be sure. It is not a perfect situation yet, but we are working hard to solve the problem.