First Steps into Remote Teaching

If you’re new to remote teaching, use the step-by-step overview provided below. 

How to use this guide

  1. Before you start, please consult the Leiden University’s Code of Conduct on Remote Teaching.

  2. Then, be aware that the information provided on this website is covering the whole of Leiden University, so probably not everything is relevant for you. Maybe some choices have already been made for you! Therefore, make yourself familiar with what has already been communicated by your faculty, institute or educational directors about tools, methods and procedures, so you can start with a more narrow focus. 

  3. Reconsider what is essential. Read this article on the 3 main challenges to consider: your educational goals, the way of communication and interaction and the technical and didactic aspects. 

  4. Have a look at the various formats and activities discussed, to get an idea of your options. 

  5. Check the remote teaching webinar calendar to see if there are any relevant webinar sessions coming up. 

  6. Make yourself familiar with the most used tools such as:

    1. Kaltura Live Room for live lecture streaming 

    2. Kaltura Capture

    3. Creating a powerpoint narration

    4. Discussion boards and peer review functionalities in the learning management system your using (Brightspace or Blackboard)

    5. Microsoft Teams (with max. 15 students)

  7. Determine if there are existing weblectures or other content available from previous years or other existing (openly available) resources that can (partly) be used, so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

  8. Do you need to edit existing material or are you creating your own content? Have a look at the video toolkit to upgrade your video skills.

  9. Make yourself familiar with the options for digital examination and any related instructions provided by your faculty or institute. 

  10. Check where to find additional help in the support section

  11. Have a look at this practical checklist to succeed during live (interactive) sessions.

Essentials to Keep in Mind

  • Transforming from campus to remote teaching is not just about live streaming your lectures. Achieving the same learning goals in a different context, may require different formats. 

  • Save yourself work! Reuse weblectures of previous years and make use of other existing resources where possible (YouTube, Coursera FutureLearn). 

  • Prepping is key. 

  • For live lectures or the implementation of new tools: test your setup!

  • Share with your students your expectations of the context, the programme and their role.

  • While new contexts may make you feel uncomfortable at first, you may discover interesting new possibilities and find creative ways to solve your challenges in the future.