Last Minute Tips

After you have prepared the content for your course or sessions, it’s time to teach. But before you start teaching, make sure to have a quick look at the checklist below.

  • General

  • Kaltura Liveroom

  • Moderation - will follow


  • Prepping is key. This is important for both live sessions and recorded web lectures;

  • Upload the syllabus to reflect the new programme;

  • Share your expectations;

    • Share with your students your expectations of the context, the programme and their participation.

  • Execute a bètatest: let someone else go through your course, checking for missing links, files and other unexpected issues; 

  • Test the essential upload features that students will use when submitting their work (to avoid last-minute stress about deadlines);

  • Make clear through an announcement that these measures are temporary and that everyone is doing the best they can;

  • State clear arrangements for communication;

  • Prepare students for Remote Learning;

Kaltura LiveRoom Live session

  • Test your setup as if it is the real session;

    • Ask a colleague or student to help with a dry run. 

    • Make sure you go through all the steps of your presentation as if it is the live session.

    • Check out the technical connections (video, audio, screen sharing, input).

    • Check the functionalities (user permissions, quizzes, answering questions, etc.).

  • Make sure you have some back up from faculty support;

  • Explain to participants what they can expect of the session and the lecturers/hosts/moderators;

    • How long will the session last?

    • What is the schedule? Are there different parts/formats to the lecture?

    • Is there interaction with the lecturer?

    • Are there break-out groups?

    • Are there moderators? If so, who are they and what is their role?

  • Tell the participants what is expected of them;

    • Are they expected to participate actively?

    • If so, tell them about using text, camera and speech.

    • For small groups: let the participants introduce themselves.

    • When can questions be asked and who can be asked?

    • What is expected in the break-out sessions (if break-outs are used).

  • Include a set-up slide;

    • Ask for patience and understanding regarding possible technical difficulties.

    • What should participants check (audio, video, etc)?

    • What is expected if there are technical difficulties?

    • Are there other means of communication if the event of outages (e.g., mail or Blackboard/Brightspace announcements)?

  • Share your expectations (on the set-up slide);

Share with your students your expectations of the context, the session and their role.